For more than six decades, NoHo Family Dentistry has been providing dental care for Valley families.


Our doors first opened in 1950 as “H. Mintzer & Associates,” when the Valley was experiencing its first huge building boom, after World War II.   Like many of his generation, Dr. Herman "Hershel" Mintzer – father of our current chief dentist, Dr. Eric Mintzer – came to California having served his country during WWII, and wanting a better life.  In his case, Dr. Mintzer arrived in Los Angeles as a newly-minted dentist from Chicago, and had his eye on the Valley.


Land developers were subdividing countless acres of farmland in the East San Fernando Valley and building houses and apartments by the thousands.  North Hollywood was in the early stages of becoming the first commercial center for the young families of the Valley. 




Dr. Herman Mintzer, with only a few dollars to his name and a young family to support, purchased a parcel of a former meadowland on Laurel Canyon, just down the street from the then-new Valley Plaza Shopping Center, and one of the Valley's first dental offices opened shortly thereafter, welcoming patients for the first time and ever since.


 ABOUT us 

In the early years, Dr. Herman Mintzer’s practice grew quickly, attracting families from across the Valley.  As the office grew, his philosophy stayed the same: to provide a family-friendly environment, with the most up-to-date practices and techniques.  Dr. Mintzer took the approach that oral health must be an essential part of a general health care program and integral to a daily sense of well-being and comfort.


Dr. Herman Mintzer also took great pride in being tapped to teach at the USC School of Dentistry for many years, and mentoring generations of young dentists throughout his career. He was extremely dedicated to his profession and his patients; he was caring, capable and always on the cutting edge of his field; and equally important, he loved what he did.  Even after retiring in 2006, he would often spent days at the office, greeting old patients, all of whom he considered friends.  (Dr. Herman Mintzer passed away in January 2011, at the age of 88.)

As a youngster, Eric Mintzer visited his dad’s practice often.  So it wasn’t surprising that after graduating from UC Berkeley with a liberal arts degree, he would nonetheless want to follow in his father’s footsteps.  After taking an additional year of necessary science classes, Eric was admitted to the prestigious University of Southern California School of Dentistry.  

While there was little doubt that he would find his way back to North Hollywood to practice with his dad, Eric thought it was important to earn his dental “chops” first, independently.  

Upon graduation  from dental school, he practiced in hectic downtown Los Angeles clinics, treating union members and low-income patients, alongside expert dental specialists who served as mentors.  He also spent two years practicing in Germany at the Berlin Army Hospital, treating U.S. military stationed abroad. 


Today, Dr. Eric Mintzer has over 34 years of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry, and has been practicing at NoHo Family Dentistry for over 25 years, more than a decade alongside his father, and now as chief dentist.


Dr. Eric Mintzer’s many years of varied experience have given him access to the most advanced dental technologies and materials, and he brings that expertise to the NoHo practice. Picking up where his father left off, today's Dr. Mintzer has maintained the warm family atmosphere of one of the oldest continuous dental practices in the San Fernando Valley. 


Dr. Eric Mintzer models his philosophy of dentistry around his father’s.  His patients have come to depend on his caring attention as well as his talents as a dentist, as evidenced by the fact that many of them have been coming to the practice since they were children, and are now bringing in their own children and grandchildren.

Noho Family Dentistry emphasizes tooth conservation, prevention of tooth and gum disease, and restoration of function, using all modern modalities of care including implants, periodontal surgery, roots canals, crowns and bridges, removable prostheses, geriatric care, cosmetics, extractions, and white fillings.


We believe that the best dental care is preventive; taking care of your teeth on a regular basis means better health for you and significantly lower cost in the long run. 


And while we offer the most advanced cosmetic techniques and procedures, we believe, first and foremost, in being conservative in our approach.  We are committed to healthy preservation of teeth over extraction, with a focus on adhesive bonding techniques that help conserve original teeth whenever possible.

A big part of our commitment is to provide you with the best information to make the most informed decisions about your oral health needs.

Along with the general care provided by Dr. Mintzer, the professional staff of NoHo Family Dentistry includes specialists in gum disease/implants, and root canals, all part of a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment team.


NoHo Family Dentistry offers the entire family superior dental health care from childhood to grandparenthood, and all under one convenient roof.